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The Operational Services Division (OSD) is celebrating the promotion of Vincent Micozzi to the role of Director of Fleet Policy and Administration. This role oversees OSD’s Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) and State Surplus Property Office (SSPO).

Since 2017, Vincent has been a valued member of the OVM team, working as the Business Analyst for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair. Building upon his prior experience in multiple sectors of the automotive industry, Vincent worked with agencies to make recommendations about cost-saving vehicle maintenance, reductions in vehicle downtime, and automotive accident repairs.

“Vehicle repair budgets are tight, and my cost-saving conversations with agency fleet contacts helped stretch thin budgets even further,” said Vincent. “These conversations help build a strong relationship between OSD and the agencies we serve and continue saving the Commonwealth considerable money.”

Still a few weeks into his new role, Vincent is focused on the long-term goals of the OVM team. Decarbonizing and minimizing the environmental impacts of the state fleet, as mandated in Executive Order 594, is a top priority for the team. “The OVM team

is highly focused on right-sizing the fleet and advocating for fuel-efficient or carbon-reducing vehicles,” said Vincent. “OVM will support the Executive Order with data driven recommendations coming from our telematics program.”

Electric vehicles have benefits beyond reducing the Commonwealth’s carbon footprint. “I look at electric vehicles from a maintenance perspective: on average, they require less repairs, cost less to fix when in need of repairs, and they spend less time out of service due to repairs,” said Vincent.

As Vincent continues to settle in, one of his first major tasks is working with agencies to plan for upcoming vehicle acquisitions. Due to supply chain disruptions slowing the production of vehicles, OVM recommends that agencies begin planning the acquisition process early. For more information about OVM, please visit their webpage.

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