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Picture of the OSD 2019 Summer Interns

OSD Summer Interns at the Massachusetts State House. Top Row, from left: David Boloyan, Patrick Houghton, and Laurene Isimbi. First Row, from left: Abigail Gendreau and Holly Turner. Missing from the photo: Katie Bell-Wright.

Since implementing a summer intern program in 2017, the Operational Services Division (OSD) has had the privilege of hosting 17 students focused on building solutions to business problems from the ground up. These were not your typical intern assignments of “getting coffee,” data entry, or filing. Over the past three years, the projects tackled by our interns included analyzing vendor and buyer data for the COMMBUYS team, researching new software for the Training team, and creating a standardized template for benchmarking Statewide Contracts for the Sourcing Department, to name a few. The interns came to OSD from the following institutions: Bentley University, Boston College, Boston University Law School, Michigan State University, Pennsylvania State University, Suffolk Law School, Suffolk University, University of Rochester, and the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

This week, OSD says goodbye to the six interns who spent the summer of 2019 with us and we thank them for the important work they accomplished. Meet OSD’s 2019 Summer Interns and learn about their projects:


Name: Katie Bell-Wright

Department: Marketing, Communications, & Events

School & Area of Study: Suffolk University, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Katie’s summer project with the Marketing, Communications, and Events team was to research podcast implementation for OSD. She was tasked with researching the methods by which the department would go about implementing podcasts and analyzing potential outcomes. Katie’s final report and presentation discussed the potential opportunities and challenges associated with implementing the newer technology, specifically focusing on technology requirements, staff training, and potential podcast topics.

Katie’s summer project was beneficial to OSD because her findings encouraged the department to recognize the potential of podcasting as an opportunity to reach different audiences. While interning at OSD, Katie increased her confidence working in a professional office setting and supported various other marketing department projects. Katie will use the research and presentation skills she developed as she goes on to her senior year at Suffolk University. After graduating, she hopes to travel to London for a gap year before settling into either grad school or working for a green tech start-up.


Name: David Boloyan

Department: COMMBUYS

School & Area of Study: Bentley University, Economics

In his summer internship with the COMMBUYS team, David was tasked with creating a strategy to inventory, source, and document key pieces of data in OSD’s data repository, a centralized source of information that may be used to improve interactions with buyer and vendor communities. His project consisted of creating a user guide to supplement the data repository, as well as performing an analysis of data and trends, which allowed him to gain experience working with a real case. David also acted as a fresh set of analytical eyes to improve the clarity of the data, with the goal of making the data repository more comprehensible for users.

David’s project was helpful to OSD because he was able to identify parts of the data repository that could be communicated more clearly to users, leading to increased utilization. David learned the valuable skill of writing concisely in a professional context with the purpose of creating a clear way to communicate with his team. As he moves on to his senior year at Bentley University, David will utilize the skills he learned while at OSD, especially his ability to visualize data and present it effectively.


Name: Abigail Gendreau

School & Area of Study: Bentley University, Actuarial Science

Department: Training

Abby spent her summer internship organizing the seating arrangements for a networking lunch for 1,000 people, comprised of public buyers and Statewide Contract vendors, who will attend the upcoming OSD Conference. For her project, Abby was tasked with testing different ratios of buyer and vendor attendees to optimize networking opportunities. She then was asked to present her findings in a concise report. The Training team looks forward to putting Abby’s project into action for the upcoming conference.

Abby’s summer project has helped the Training team create a structure that will be used for future events and conferences. As she enters her senior year at Bentley University and eventually moves on to work in the financial sector, Abby will remember her professional experience working on this project. In her time at OSD she learned how to participate in regular Scrum meetings and manage a meaningful project from creation to utilization.


Name: Patrick Houghton

Department: Legal

School & Area of Study: Suffolk University Law School, Law

Patrick’s project for the summer was researching key issues related to OSD’s Statewide Contracts and programs. His areas of focus included developments in IT law, legislation review, records retention, and other areas of impact to OSD. Patrick worked closely with OSD Legal throughout his projects to determine what aspects of his findings could potentially be incorporated into continued work by the team.

Since spending the summer exploring procurement contracts, Patrick has increased his confidence in understanding different strategies for contract creation and specific issues related to public purchasing. Patrick is entering his final year of law school and hopes to work professionally with the federal government after taking the bar exams next summer.


Name: Laurene Isimbi

School & Area of Study: Suffolk University, Finance and Data Analytics

Department: Office of Vehicle Management

Laurene’s project for the summer was to research state fleet operations across the U.S. and to report her findings to OSD’s Office of Vehicle Management. She conducted her research by studying the state’s current vehicle management operations and then interviewing other states to gather their operations data. Laurene created a presentation that discussed her findings, comparing Massachusetts with the other states researched.

Her summer project has helped the Office of Vehicle Management analyze current operation techniques and compare them to other states. As she goes into her senior year at Suffolk University, Laurene will remember the research skills she strengthened during her time at OSD. She also learned how to confidently conduct independent interviews and how to communicate important data in a professional setting. Looking ahead to graduation, Laurene hopes to bring the skills she has learned at OSD to her graduate studies.


Name: Holly Turner

Department: Sourcing

School & Area of Study: Michigan State University, Supply Chain Management

In her summer internship with Strategic Sourcing Services, Holly’s assigned project consisted of creating a standardized and efficient process for using market research tools. She was tasked with creating a template that detailed the best utilization of three main resources commonly used by the Sourcing team. Her framework describes how to easily access the most important information found in each of the market research tools.

Holly’s summer project will benefit OSD because she has created a resource that simplifies the complex and labor-intensive process of conducting market research. As Holly says goodbye to OSD, she will return to her home state of Michigan to finish her final year of undergraduate study at Michigan State. Since working closely with market research tools this summer, Holly has increased her ability to conduct and analyze market research. Her experience working closely with the Sourcing team will be beneficial in her future professional endeavors.


OSD wishes our 2019 Summer Interns the best of luck and much success in their future endeavors.

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