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Overseeing the Commonwealth’s Executive Branch fleet of over 2,700 light-duty vehicles is the Office of Vehicle Management (OVM). OVM sets the policies and procedures followed by Executive Branch Departments to ensure State vehicles are allocated, operated, marked, efficiently and economically maintained and repaired, and in compliance with all applicable requirements. In spite of these extensive responsibilities, Alex Giannantonio, Director of Fleet Policy and Administration, and his team of five professionals, remain focused on providing excellent service to the clients they serve.

The OVM website is home to the department’s Policies and Procedures, relevant forms, car rental information, and guidance documents on using fuel cards, maintaining OVM vehicles, and glass and tire replacement  – everything you need to know about OVM. But before jumping into an OVM vehicle, here’s a quick look at some things you should keep in mind:

  • Drivers should find a Fleet Response Packet in each OVM vehicle glove box. The Packet has useful resources such as information about what to do in case of an accident, vehicle repair material, and the vehicle’s preventive maintenance schedule.*
  • Before and after each use, drivers should record the vehicle’s odometer readings on the OVM Vehicle Driver Log.
  • The vehicle’s transponder for payment of tolls should be affixed to the windshield. Contact your Agency Fleet Administrator if the device cannot be located.
  • In case of an accident, call for medical assistance, if needed. Then, notify the police and call the Fleet Response toll-free number, 1-800-338-0619, within 24 hours. This number also is referenced in the Fleet Response Packet.
  • Be aware that all state vehicles are part of the Safe Driving Program. Drivers will be evaluated, in part, based on tickets received and reports filed through the “1-800 How Am I Driving?” hotline. OVM tracks and researches each recorded complaint and brings each matter to resolution.
  • OVM vehicles should be regularly maintained. Find guidance for performing preventative maintenance and other repairs, and make certain to advise providers that the vehicle is enrolled in the Fleet Response Program.


Renewing the State Fleet

OVM regularly reviews their existing fleet and examines projected agency needs to make recommendations about the acquisition of new vehicles. As such, the Operational Services Division recently announced their intent to procure additional light-duty vehicles including sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans, and Police Pursuit Vehicles (PPVs) under a new Statewide Contract, VEH98.

Interested buyers and vendors may monitor the progress of the VEH98 procurement in COMMBUYS. Vendors interested in responding to the opportunity, once posted, are encouraged to register as a COMMBUYS vendor. Get details about becoming a COMMBUYS vendor at Reach our COMMBUYS Help Desk staff at

Learn more about the Office of Vehicle Management (OVM).

*Contact your Agency Fleet Administrator if your packet is missing. Agency Fleet Administrators may reach out to Alex Giannantonio if a new packet is needed.



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