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Marisa de la Paz, Director of Multilingual Services, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

Understanding the current market and tapping into industry expertise is a vital component to building contracts that serve our buyer communities.

Expertise shared by Executive Departments and local government entities through Strategic Sourcing Team (SST) participation helps the state identify the best product and services solutions and to attract the right complement of vendors. Although subject-matter expertise shared by SST members to establish contracts cannot be overstated, another level of support is SST members sharing contract attributes within their network, thereby building contract usage. Along these lines, the Operational Services Division would like to acknowledge the contributions of Marisa de la Paz.

Marisa, the Director of Multilingual Services at the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, has served on the Foreign Language Interpretation and Translation Services SST for decades. A vocal advocate for the quality and value of the services offered, she routinely refers colleagues to the state’s contract. Moreover, through her mentorship of staff, she has extended the contract’s purchasing network. Two staff members, who went on to accept positions elsewhere – one at a Massachusetts school district, the other a state position in Colorado – were reminded that they could continue using the PRF63 Foreign Language contract in their new capacities. Sales from one of these entities totaled more than $5.4 million in FYs 19 & 20!

“Top quality foreign language services go hand-in-hand with getting our department’s business done,” asserts Marisa, “so it’s been my pleasure to serve on the sourcing team. I’ve always felt it important to help the state meet our shared expectations for high-quality interpretation and translation services and I feel very comfortable referring colleagues to this contract resource.”

Thank you, Marisa, for your enduring commitment to the Foreign Language Sourcing Team! Thank you to all our SST members whose contributions enable the state to offer a wide array of quality contracts!

Learn more about SST membership and express interest in serving on a team in the future.

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