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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Weekly Flu Report: March 4, 2010 Posted on Mar 4

Weekly Report: Download Weekly Report_3_04_10 (Download PDF Weekly Report 3_04_10) Historically, flu-like illness is expected to peak around this time of year, however, as you can see in this week's flu report, the amount of flu-like illness in the state remains uncharacteristically low after a period   …Continue Reading Weekly Flu Report: March 4, 2010

Póngale el freno a la diabetes Posted on Mar 3

Póngale el freno a la diabetes

Posted by: Jordan Coriza, Department of Public Health Jordan is the Director of Ethnic Media Engagement for the Department. Hola, amigos: La diabetes es uno de los problemas de salud más serios para nosotros, los latinos que vivimos en Estados Unidos. El gobierno estima que   …Continue Reading Póngale el freno a la diabetes

Organic from China Posted on Mar 2

Organic from China

Posted by: Kara Ghiringhelli, Department of Public Health    Kara is a Nutrition Education Specialist at DPH. If you are a buyer of organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables, do you care what city, state or even country your organic foods come from? I guess   …Continue Reading Organic from China