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turkeyThanksgiving is a special time for giving thanks and spending time with loved ones. As the holiday approaches, aren’t we all dreading, the daunting task of hosting the perfect dinner? The highlight of Thanksgiving is, of course, the enormous feast; so plan ahead for a stress-free Thanksgiving.

Early November

  • Guest list: This is the time to think about your special guests.
  • Dietary preferences: Be sure to ask about allergies and dietary preferences.
  • Plan your menu: Pick your favorite turkey recipe. The abundance of recipes on the internet can turn this into quite a stressful task. So start early! Think about the traditional dishes and slowly venture out to new dishes.
  • Shopping list: Make a shopping list of perishables and nonperishables. Keep track of what your guests will be bringing over to dinner. If you are ordering a fresh turkey, now is the time to place your order.

Two Weeks Beforehand

  • Explore your creative side by crafting a perfect thanksgiving décor. Be sure to have enough tables, chairs, glassware and flatware for all your guests.
  • Shop ahead of time to avoid the crowd of last minute shoppers. Get ahead of the game by purchasing all the nonperishables.
  • Clean out your freezer and make room for all Thanksgiving goods.

One Week Beforehand

  • With this day galloping toward you, organization is of the essence. Make a Thanksgiving to-do list and prepare a cooking schedule.
  • Call your guests to confirm the time and items they plan on bringing.
  • Remember to have out some toys and games for the youngsters.
  • If you haven’t ordered a fresh turkey, now would be the time to purchase a frozen one.

Three Days Beforehand

  • Time to finish housecleaning and buy your perishables.
  • Start thawing your turkey as instructed.
  • Don’t try to do it all…Delegate some of the work.

 One Day Beforehand

  • Clean and peel your vegetables.
  • Align all your serving pieces and prepare your condiment dishes.
  • Make all dishes that will reheat well.
  • Complete all decorations and set the table in the evening.
  • Refrigerate your drinks.

Thanksgiving Day

  • Place turkey in the oven and start showing off your culinary talent!
  • Make gravy and last-minute vegetables.
  • Get ready for your guests.
  • Enjoy!

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WIC Program Evaluator

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