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I spent the weekend preparing the house for Thanksgiving.  In a drawer, I came across a bar of soap in the shape of a duck that I had received years ago.  I had never used it because it wasn’t scented and it seemed too cute to use. Nevertheless, I took a new look at it and decided that this duck could help me prevent catching a cold this season.

It’s almost winter and I remember a time last year when a co-worker and I seemed to be trading germs across the hallway throughout the winter.  Since having a cold spoils my enjoyment of the holidays and of winter, I want to do all I can to keep my family and me healthy.  I have already gotten my flu shot but, it’s the colds I catch that wear me down.  With my husband being a teacher, it’s important that we not only eat healthy and sleep to keep our body’s immune system strong but that we do all we can to avoid transferring and spreading germs.

Handwashing, cleaning your hands thoroughly and often, can really deter the spread of germs.  Rubbing your hands with water and soap and then drying your hands gets rid of many germs.  What type of soap should you use?  Viruses cause colds so using an antibacterial soap won’t help.  Besides, you don’t want to possibly contribute to breeding more antibiotic resistant bacteria. The more antibiotics are used the more likely bacteria will develop a resistant strain.

The stores are full of different types of soaps that can clean your hands and moisturize or scent them, too!  So where does that leave me?  Since one of my children has sensitive skin, I need to find soap that everyone will use that doesn’t contain perfumes.  Little duck – it’s your turn to do your stuff!  I’m putting you in the soap dish.

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