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The WIC Nutrition Program has changed and evolved over the last several years. Forty years ago, our focus was providing subsidized formula to mothers.  Today, we focus on nutrition, health, breastfeeding support and wellness. Since the introduction of the improved food package in 2009, WIC families can access foods that are better aligned with current dietary guidance and are purchasing and consuming more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy than non-WIC families.

In 2014, Mass WIC switched from paper checks to a debit-like electronic card for food benefit redemption at authorized WIC grocery stores.  This change, for WIC families and retailer stores, resulted in an improvement in the way families access WIC foods and reduces delays and stigma in the check-out line.  WIC families who have used the new cards say they love it.

In 2015, Mass WIC introduced a new shopping app.  “WICShopper” displays the participant’s real-time food benefits, allowing them to know with certainty, that they can purchase the products in their basket with the benefits on their card before heading to the register.  The ‘WICShopper’ app can also be used to check families WIC balance, help locate a WIC authorized store, and provide access to healthy, family friendly recipes.

Massachusetts WIC uses social media platforms to connect to our WIC families. We use Twitter, Pinterest and Blogs to reach participants and provide them with tips on healthy eating and physical activity. These platforms give our WIC families an easy and accessible outlet to ask questions and to learn what’s new at WIC without having to wait until their next appointment!

To follow us on Twitter and Pinterest look for @MassWIC.  Or if you have any suggestions for MassWIC and our new technologies, please let us know!

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