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Walking to Recharge

Walking to Recharge posted on Mar 15

Dillon, my Dalmatian, has been following me around all evening even though he knows that we go for a walk after dinner. Granted sometimes, when I’m home early, I like to take advantage of the daylight and we’ll head out before the sun sets. I   …Continue Reading Walking to Recharge

The Importance of Hand Washing!

The Importance of Hand Washing! posted on Nov 30

I spent the weekend preparing the house for Thanksgiving.  In a drawer, I came across a bar of soap in the shape of a duck that I had received years ago.  I had never used it because it wasn’t scented and it seemed too cute   …Continue Reading The Importance of Hand Washing!

Smart Eating While On the Go!

Smart Eating While On the Go! posted on Nov 16

Can you believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving?  If you’re like me, you haven’t yet started your holiday shopping and have a full list of deserving family and friends.  One way to make the shopping day easier is to take a break to recharge and have   …Continue Reading Smart Eating While On the Go!

10 Ways to Eat Greener

10 Ways to Eat Greener posted on Oct 19

Food Day, on October 24th is a national event created by the Center of Science in the Public Interest to encourage Americans to change their diets and our food policies.  “Toward a Greener Diet” is the focus of this year’s Food Day celebrations.  The idea   …Continue Reading 10 Ways to Eat Greener

Employee Health & Fitness Month!

Employee Health & Fitness Month! posted on May 27

May is Employee Health and Fitness Month!  It’s time for both employers and employees to support each other by improving office health. If, like me, you have been hibernating all winter, you have that winter insulation to lose.  At my office, we have been successful   …Continue Reading Employee Health & Fitness Month!

Moms Need Sleep too!

Moms Need Sleep too! posted on Feb 23

With the weather so cold I find it hard to get up early in the morning especially if I have gone to bed late.  I know I should be getting more sleep, but as a parent there is always so much to do that inevitably   …Continue Reading Moms Need Sleep too!