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Tired,Exhausted,Female,African,Scrub,Nurse,Wears,Face,Mask,BlueThroughout the pandemic, health care providers have faced levels of stress beyond worrying about their health and the health of family and friends. They also have had to cope with providing care to severely ill and dying patients – many of whom they may have been unable to help, especially in the early stages of the pandemic.

With the help of Commonwealth Medicine, DPH is making available a curated list of resources to help healthcare workers who may be dealing with symptoms of anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder due to the events that have taken place during this unprecedented period. The collected resources are mostly free, confidential, and available to health care providers and all others impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resources include tools such as COVID Coach, an app also available in Spanish, that supports self-care and overall mental health with trackers to check on mood and mental health over time. Another called CrewCare is designed for first responders and includes a tool to evaluate stress load, and the ability to compare individual results to industry averages. Originally created for providers treating military personnel, the Provider Resilience App addresses burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary traumatic stress experienced by health care workers and other providers.

The website also lists counseling resources, help lines, crisis hotline phone numbers, and a variety of resources and materials.

To learn more, or share with a health care provider, please visit the site at We encourage anyone who needs help to reach out to get the support you need.

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