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Welcome to the world of Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) in Massachusetts!

EPHT imageIn 2000, the Pew Environmental Health Commission identified a lack of basic information needed to link environmental hazards and chronic diseases. In response, the Massachusetts Environmental Public Health Tracking website (EPHT) was created as part of a national effort by The Centers for Disease Control to make environmental and health data more readily available to the public. Users can look at health and environmental data for their community.

Currently the EPHT website includes the latest available health data for pediatric asthma and diabetes, childhood lead poisoning, asthma hospitalizations, carbon monoxide poisoning, heart attack, heat stress, birth defects, cancer, and reproductive outcomes.  The site also includes the latest available environmental data for air quality, drinking water, radon and information on climate change indicators.  New data is being added regularly.

By clicking the “Maps & Tables” button on each topic page, you can create tables, charts, and maps of data at the state, county, city/town and in some cases census tract level.  You can also find important background information about each dataset. While the data cannot be used to determine the cause of disease, it can be used to identify areas where public health actions can be taken or further investigation may be warranted.

Click here or paste into your browser to explore the EPHT website and check out the data for your community, county or the state.

Assistance is always available either through the “contact us” tab or by calling 1-800-319-3042.

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EPHT Program Manager and Epidemiologist in the Bureau of Environmental Health

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