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Jackie and Erin

“Hi, I’m Jackie Bradley, Jr. of the Boston Red Sox, and this is my wife Erin,” begins the Gold Glove All-Star center-fielder.

“The stigma of drug addiction can keep people from seeking the treatment they need,” continues Erin.

“That’s why WE SUPPORT a state without stigma,” they voice the message together.

Jackie, Erin, and a small production crew gathered in the grandstand at Fenway Park during a rainy Tuesday in June to record this short public service announcement for DPH.  It’s part of the #StateWithoutStigMA campaign, aimed at reducing the stigma of addiction

The two were gracious and friendly, with Jackie shaking hands all around.

And they weren’t alone.

Alex Cora

Next up was Red Sox manager Alex Cora who joined the production crew to film the same PSA in Spanish, saying loud and clear: “Apoyo un estado sin estigma” or “I support a state without stigma.”

Then he was off to manage another win at Fenway and then prepare to travel overseas to London with the Sox to play the New York Yankees in two games at London Stadium — marking the first time Major League Baseball has played in Europe.

As busy as they were, both player and manager made the effort to reach out and embrace a community that needs help and support.

According to a recent poll, nearly one in four Americans knows someone with an opioid use disorder.

Addiction is a disease similar to diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. But stigma perpetuates negative attitudes and images around the disease of addiction. Labels such as “junkie” or “addict” can further damage someone’s self-image and stand in the way of his or her recovery.

That’s why DPH first launched our #StateWithoutStigMAcampaign to encourage people from across the Commonwealth to pledge their support for people with addictions, and encourage them to seek help by calling the Massachusetts Substance Use Helpline at (800) 327-5050.

Look for the PSAs on social media in the days to come, and be sure to help spread the word by sharing it on your own networks. Join us as we make Massachusetts a #StateWithoutStigMA.

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Communications Director at the Department of Public Health

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