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The fantabulous egg Posted on Apr 10

The fantabulous egg

Posted by Anna Waclawiczek Anna is the Chief of Staff at the MA Department of Agricultural Resources (AGR)     A growing number of communities across the Commonwealth are “a-cluck” with backyard chickens, as  home hobbyists try their hand at raising small flocks of poultry. There   …Continue Reading The fantabulous egg

Farmers’ Markets…in February? Posted on Feb 7

Farmers' February?

Lani Telian, Department of Public Health       That’s right! For all you fair weather market-fans out there, there are farmers’ markets up and functioning in the cold weather, too! Local farmers work all year long to produce fresh fruits and vegetables, and more   …Continue Reading Farmers’ Markets…in February?

ChopChop Kickoff: Watch it here! Posted on Jan 17

ChopChop Kickoff: Watch it here!

Posted by:     Much to my dismay, I missed last week's ChopChop Kickoff Event that took place with Governor Patrick at Community Services, a social services agency in Jamaica Plain. Since then, all I've been hearing from my colleagues is how awesome the event   …Continue Reading ChopChop Kickoff: Watch it here!