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So, what is What’s New?

What’s New is an easy way to stay on top of all the latest DOR tax information.

The page is one of the Top Features on DOR’s homepage – you can’t miss it. Each new topic will have its own section, so it’s easy to find exactly what you need and just as simple to read and follow along.

The page’s Related section will also help you catch up on anything you may’ve previously missed – or forgotten about.

So, if you ever miss a What’s New update or simply need a refresher, DOR News and Hot Topics at DOR have you covered.

Okay, What Are the 5 New Updates?

#1: Leading off is Advance Payment Requirements. Since April 2021, taxpayers who have more than $150,000 in total liability for certain tax types from the previous year have been required to make an advance payment before the related tax return is due.

The new page includes a range of features:

#2: Ringing in the New Year is Electronic Requirements – Beginning January 1, 2022. The page explains how taxpayers who are required to e-file tax returns and electronically submit filings and payments to DOR can Register their business with MassTaxConnect.

There are also MassTaxConnect Video Tutorials and MassTaxConnect Frequently Asked Questions to help you register.

#3: Don’t be left feeling SALT-y: On September 30, 2021, the Massachusetts Legislature adopted an elective pass-through entity excise in response to the $10,000 cap on the federal, state and local tax (SALT) deduction added in the 2017 federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

#4: Note to self: HIRD must be completed by December 15. The Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure (HIRD) FAQs will explain reporting requirements and specific information about completing the HIRD online form.

#5: Closing an account on MassTaxConnect is the best way to avoid receiving a Business Non-Filer Notice. Notices are in the mail now. You can avoid receiving one by notifying DOR your business has closed.

The video tutorial How to Close an Account will walk you through the notification process.

For those of you who prefer words on a page, check out Closing a Business, which details state and federal requirements, as well as these 5 clear instructions:

  1.  In the account section, choose Close Tax Account.
  2.  Select the checkbox next to I want to close my sales tax account.
  3.  Choose a closure reason from the drop-down list and a close date. Select Next.
  4.  Choose Submit and enter your password.
  5.  A confirmation page will appear. Print and keep this for your records. You will also receive a   confirmation email.

Enjoy the show: Filing Season is here! 

It’s coming up on that time of year when you’ll be filing your personal income tax return. The following videos will help you through the process – from filing your return to checking the status of your refund:

Free E-File Options: Over 90% of Massachusetts taxpayers already e-file their taxes because it’s secure and the fastest way to get a refund. Find out if you qualify to file for free and visit E-file your personal income taxes for free, which will be updated with options for filing 2021 returns.

Tips for Filing Personal Income Taxes: Watch this video to discover 6 tips for filing your personal income taxes as well as 5 common tax mistakes to avoid.

Finding a Tax Professional: Learn what professional member organizations will help you find a tax professional. You’ll also find out if you qualify for free or low-cost tax preparation and representation.

Check Your Refund: Information to have handy when checking the status of your personal income tax refund.

Oldies but Goodies: DOR’s Greatest Hits are available online

DOR’s self-help options and resources are frequently updated and available 24/7 at the following pages:

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