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The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) continues to be serious about combating tax and identity fraud. Not only have we continuously redoubled our anti-fraud efforts, we have in the past welcomed every opportunity to join forces with others to fight the ever-growing issues of identity fraud. 

Recently, the IRS, state tax administrators and the private-sector tax industry, announced the launch of the “Taxes. Security. Together.” campaign, which aims to continue to encourage more people to protect their personal and financial data online and at home.

The Security Summit, a working group that included  state revenue departments, the private sector and the IRS came together to battle the scourge of tax fraud. The campaign used various media streams like YouTube and local events to spur awareness and ensure that state and federal authorities are sharing information and strategies in order to thwart tax fraud.   

To learn more about how you can protect your personal identity, have a look at what the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office advises.

We will continue to join forces with others to protect Massachusetts taxpayers from fraud.

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