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By now, you’ve probably heard about DOR’s newest state-of-the-art electronic filing system – MassTaxConnect – and the benefits that it will bring business taxpayers once we go live on November 30, 2015. An additional benefit that business taxpayers will see is the chance to capitalize on a simplified and streamlined way to file amended returns and audit disputes.

Formerly, most business taxpayers either used WebFile for Business or the paper Form CA-6 to file an amended return or to dispute an audit. However, WebFile for Business and the CA-6 will no longer exist for business taxpayers after Friday, November 20th.

Further, today when you file an amended return or file a dispute, it’s a time-consuming, manual process that takes too long to complete. Soon, with MassTaxConnect, all business taxpayers have to do is log in, make a selection and press submit.

Here’s what will be new and different.

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Business tax amended returns

Amended returns are filed to report an error or omission on your original tax return.  With MassTaxConnect, you’ll simply adjust the amounts shown on the original return, and submit a revised return to DOR.

This automated process will be simpler, faster, and more efficient than the current process.  Corporate excise filers may still file amended returns electronically through third-party tax preparation software, whether the amendment increases or decreases the amount of tax due.

Business tax applications for abatement

Abatement requests are filed to dispute an audit, a penalty, or a Responsible Person determination.  Using MassTaxConnect, business taxpayers will be able to dispute an audit or a penalty online. For now, to dispute a Responsible Person determination, you’ll file the new paper Form ABT, Application for Abatement.

Streamlining the process internally at DOR

The process is changing for us too. Historically, processing amended returns and applications for abatement has involved significant manual intervention because of certain business rules and procedures. This has resulted in large inventories of cases and potential delays in refund processing. As we transition to MassTaxConnect, DOR will be reengineering its business processes to increase the automation of amended returns and applications for abatement. This will bring immediate benefits in the form of faster processing for BOTH business taxpayers and personal income taxpayers.

We are continually providing updated information about MassTaxConnect on our website. ahead of our launch date November 30th

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