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As Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, one of my biggest responsibilities is to implement agency-wide initiatives that make filing and paying state taxes as easy as possible for the approximately 300,000 business taxpayers in the Commonwealth.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you that we are now one month away from the transition to DOR’s newest electronic filing system, MassTaxConnect for business taxpayers.

As you might have heard, MassTaxConnect will replace our existing electronic filing system—WebFile for Business—on November 30th for nearly all business taxpayers in the Commonwealth. As a project launched in 2011 by my predecessors, MassTaxConnect will vastly improve the way taxpayers file and pay taxes in the Commonwealth. Personal income taxpayers will benefit from the system when we roll out MassTaxConnect to individual taxpayers in 2017, if not sooner.

 MassTaxConnect offers business taxpayers all the benefits of WebFile for Business, plus a range of new functionalities that will make filing and paying Massachusetts state taxes simpler, quicker, and more efficient than ever before. From making credit card payments to viewing official DOR notices, nearly everything you need to do can be done electronically, securely, and at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On the customer service side, the fully automated tax portal will better centralize information, meaning DOR staff will have account information readily available on a single, easy to navigate screen. With the increased accessibility, taxpayers who have questions should have every confidence that they will get answers from us with minimized delay. MassTaxConnect will also help us catch errors—mathematical and otherwise—through automated and streamlined features, which will dramatically reduce the number of tax disputes, delayed refunds, and unnecessary penalties that can sometimes occur.

More broadly, the technology behind MassTaxConnect has been successfully rolled out in over 30 taxing jurisdictions and currently serves 127 million people worldwide—it’s a proven technology that works. Moreover, we’ll be sending you a list of DOR resources and contact information that you can use if you have questions when the system goes live.

In conjunction with our IT modernization efforts we are adjusting our business processes and culture to make sure we are leveraging this technology to the fullest extent possible. From streamlining internal processes to giving front-line staff more authority to resolve taxpayer disputes, DOR is working hard to improve taxpayer services across the agency.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience as we transition to the new system. We know you’ll love it.

Mark Nunnelly


MA Department of Revenue

MassTaxConnect Resources

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