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MassTaxConnect for Massachusetts Business Taxpayers

 Available November 30, 2015!


Things are about to get easier and faster for Massachusetts business taxpayers.  MassTaxConnect will replace WebFile for Business later this year and will feature the best of what WFB offers plus state-of-the-art enhancements to make tax account management more efficient, less costly, and more streamlined than ever before.

  • New! Send and receive secure e-messages with attachments

Speaking with DOR is about to get easier. You’ll send direct and secure messages, and  can include attachments. No call wait times. No voicemails. When you have questions, we have answers via a quick and safe electronic option.

  • New! View and print DOR letters and notices

No more waiting for a copy of an earlier notice or letter to be sent to you.  Just pull up your account to see the communications and print what you need.

  • New! Business tax types in one place

Almost all business tax types will be part of MassTaxConnect by the end of this year.   You’ll save time with one-stop electronic filing and paying.

  • New! Assign third party access electronically

Assigning access to a third party such as a CPA or other tax preparer just got easier. Electronically assign, approve, and give access through a secure and streamlined platform.

  • New! Amend filed returns electronically

The existing amendment process is being overhauled so that filing an amended return is as simple as filing the original return.

  • New! Opt in or out of paper correspondence

Prefer electronic information only?  It’s easy to achieve.  Make your selection based on your preference – paper or no paper.

And, what you already like about WebFile for Business, including scheduling payments, choosing to file early, automatic calculations and error alerts prior to filing. All still there.

For more information and updates on MassTaxConnect, please visit

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