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Getting to know DOR’s New, Modernized Filing System

As you may have heard, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue is revamping the way the business taxpayers can file taxes in the Commonwealth.  This new filing system, MassTaxConnect, offers taxpayers a state-of-the-art tax administration system that will make filing taxes more efficient, less costly, and more streamlined than ever before.

Currently, only a small subset of taxpayers has access to MassTaxConnect. This includes taxpayers subject to alcoholic beverage excise taxes, ferry embarkation fees, and International Fuel Tax Agreement (“IFTA”) taxes, among others. However, this year, we are rolling MassTaxConnect out to nearly all business taxpayers, including corporate, sales, meals, and withholding taxpayers.

The vast majority of business taxpayers who electronically file understand that doing so offers a number of conveniences, including enhanced customer support, faster processing, and quicker refunds. To do so, taxpayers currently use our legacy online portal Webfile for Business. MassTaxConnect represents the next iteration of e-filing, allowing business taxpayers to build upon the existing benefits of filing electronically.

From the start of this project, MassTaxConnect was built with the customer in mind. From accessing DOR letters and notices online to minimizing filing errors through automation, MassTaxConnect offers a range of benefits that business taxpayers can begin to enjoy when the system is released on November 30, 2015. By the end of 2017, MassTaxConnect will be fully operational for all taxpayers in Massachusetts, including individual income taxpayers.

So what are the major benefits for our business and corporate taxpayers? Here are the top 10 benefits that MassTaxConnect offers:

  1. View any errors prior to online submission

Say goodbye to the guesswork and potential hold up in returns. Automatically be notified when information is missing or incorrect. Mistakes happen, but now you can identify fix them before you submit.

  1. Send and receive secure e-messages

Talking with DOR just got easier. Now send direct and secure messages to DOR. No call wait times. No voicemails. When you have questions, we have answers via a quick and safe electronic option. 

  1. Amend filed returns electronically

The existing amendment process is being overhauled so that filing an amended return is as simple as checking a box in the corner of your amended return.

  1. File early and schedule payments online

Get a leg up on filing and paying your taxes. Use MassTaxConnect to file your business returns early. If you owe any taxes, schedule those payments online without having to send out paper checks.

  1. Assign third party access electronically

Assigning access to a third party such as a CPA or other tax preparer just got easier. Electronically assign, approve, and give access through a secure and streamlined platform.

  1. Free filing now. Free filing tomorrow.

Like WebFile for business, filing taxes with MassTaxConnect will continue to be free for business taxpayers.

  1. Access information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Forget limiting business between 9am-5pm. Access your account, files, returns, and information at your convenience. We know business happens 24/7. 

  1. Reduced calculation errors with automatic calculations

Not a math whiz? No problem. MassTaxConnect is equipped with auto calculations, meaning we’ll do all the counting for you. Just plug in the figures and we’ll do the rest. If anything is incorrect, you’ll be notified instantly.

  1. Autofill options for reoccurring information

Want to carry figures or names over from one page to the next? Feel free. Save time with our auto population with pre-saved information.

  1. Easy log in conversion from WebFile for Business

No need to create new passwords. With the integration between WebFile for Business and MassTaxConnect, sign into your MassTaxConnect account with your WebFile for Business username and password.

We are excited about our investment in this new technology, and are equally excited about extending this opportunity to our business and corporate taxpayers. We hope you are too.

Our Mission: To collect the revenues required to support the business of the Commonwealth.

For more information and updates on MassTaxConnect, please visit our website at

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