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NuRide 2014MassDOT’s MassRIDES program says it’s never too late to incorporate green transportation options into your daily trips, whether to work or in your leisure time.

Our “NuYear resolutions” can help you to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, improve air quality, add fitness into your daily trips, and get rewards at local and national venues in addition to these other great benefits.

Resolution #1 – Commit to trying a green trip at least once per week – walk, bike, take public transit, share the ride through carpools or vanpools, or telework. A green trip doesn’t need to account for the full duration of the trip; consider a green mode for even a portion of the trip if it’s too far to walk, bike, or take transit and now you are multi-modal!

Resolution #2 – Join NuRide. NuRide is Massachusetts’ ridesharing and rewards program for individuals who take green trips. It’s free and easy to use and we are rewarding you for taking part. NuRide allows you to log your green trips, find rideshare partners near you, earn rewards at local and national venues, andyou’re your monetary savings and environmental impact by choosing a green mode of transportation.

Resolution #3 – Add fitness into your daily trips – walk or bike to work, to the store or to the coffee shop. Even taking public transit counts as active transportation because you’ll likely have a small portion of your trip to walk or bike upon reaching your destination. We’ve even seen some people run or kayak as a form of transportation!

Resolution #4 – Save money – did you know that choosing a green mode of transportation at least once per week is likely to keep some money in your pocket? By logging your green trips in NuRide, you can see just how much money you’re saving. Save even more money by cashing in your NuRide rewards!

Resolution #5 – Reduce your carbon footprint – by logging your green trips in NuRide, you’re not only on your way to reducing your carbon footprint, but we’ll show you just how much of an impact YOU are making. You can see how many emissions you’ve saved from entering our air, how many gallons of gas you’ve saved, and even more stats.

While we know there are a lot of options to consider to make your 2015 a better one, we invite Massachusetts residents and commuters to take a look at NuRide and see how this program can help to add some perks to your year.
For more information, visit or contact MassRIDES at 1.888.4.COMMUTE.

MassRIDES is a free program of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) designed to help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality and mobility. To accomplish these goals, MassRIDES works with both employers and commuters within the Commonwealth to promote the use of commute options. Through hands-on worksite assistance, ridematching services, marketing and outreach events, MassRIDES annually offers thousands of commuters and employers time – and money – saving solutions for a better commute in Massachusetts. Each year, our efforts help lessen traffic congestion by reducing more than 23,000,000 miles driven and keep more than 10,000 tons of pollution out of the air we breathe.

Visit for more information about MassRIDES.

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