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RMV Boston Haymarket Branch RibbonCutting, September 23, 2014Transportation Secretary & CEO Richard A. Davey and Registrar of Motor Vehicles Celia J. Blue joined fellow MassDOT leaders, along with state and local officials, to celebrate the opening of the Commonwealth’s new flagship Registry of Motor Vehicles branch in Boston, Haymarket Center.

“MassDOT is proud to welcome its employees and customers to this new space designed with them in mind,” said Secretary Davey. “For many, the RMV is their first interaction with government; we want that first experience to be as efficient and professional as possible.”

“I am expecting my employees to deliver extraordinary customer service,” said Registrar Blue. “We have constructed this facility to create a dynamic customer focused environment where we are better able to respond to the needs of our customers each day. We have dual licensing and registration counters and we are deploying new self service options like tablets and kiosks.”

The $13 million build out of the MassDOT owned building, which is situated above Highway Division assets, was designed to be gold LEED certified and features energy efficient lighting, appliances and restroom facilities. Approximately 60 employees are assigned to Haymarket Center, where approximately 30,000 customers visit each month and where the majority of hearings for those seeking license reinstatement following periods of suspension or revocations occur.

The Registrar recognized departments and individuals within the MassDOT organization for their assistance and expertise in the construction of Haymarket Center including members of the Highway Division, the Office of Real Estate and Asset Development, the General Counsel’s office and General Services. The MBTA has been a critical partner in directing customers to the new branch location adjacent to Haymarket Station. The new branch is accessible by the Green and Orange MBTA Subway Lines and the area is served by more than 10 bus lines. MBTA operators, signage and announcements have been steering customers away from the former Chinatown branch location that served customers for the last 16 years.

Haymarket Center, located at 136 Blackstone Street in Boston is at the corner of Hanover and Blackstone Streets opened to customers on Monday, September 15. The branch is open weekdays from 9am to 5pm with the exception of Thursdays when the branch offers services from 10am to 6pm.

Haymarket Center is the first branch to feature a full service E-ZPass Customer Service Center for customers to join or manage their existing E-ZPass, apply for the residency program or pay their Pay By Plate MA bills. This is an added customer convenience now that the nearby Tobin Bridge has transitioned to All Electronic Tolling. The first floor will soon be the permanent home of The Boston Public Market; The Market is currently operating on Mondays and Wednesdays in front of Haymarket Center offering fresh locally-sourced food.

Features of the new branch include dual transaction counters to allow the RMV to better manage the volume and needs of its customers on a daily basis. There is a more comfortable waiting area, increased privacy for customer transactions, free public WiFi, a tablet station for use by customers who are eligible to perform their transactions online at

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